A leading consumer pharmaceutical company with one of the top most recommended prescription drugs on the market was seeking to increase revenue. The business challenge was how to increase profits, while reducing acquisition costs via online advertising in an ever-growing, more competitive segment.

At first, the client directive was to restart co-registration and cost-per-click programs to support keyword-search marketing efforts. It was believed the campaign should concentrate on buyers 35 and older. However, the client wanted a more thorough strategic analysis as the trend line of this strategy was diminishing despite increased spending.

Strategic Media Research

When T1 Media was brought in, they did a thorough evaluation of all lead-generation data from the previous three years. Using that analysis, T1 Media recommended a highly focused online campaign based on three strategic insights gained through their proprietary analysis:

  • Purchaser Profile ROI:  It was found that customer prospects who produced the most sales at the lowest possible costs were women age 50-plus and not all adults 35 and up.
  • Tactics Performance ROI: Previous campaigns using traditional banners were researched vs. co-registration and cost-per-click tactics based on all elements—clicks, downloads and conversion. To the client’s surprise, traditional banner efforts outperformed all other metrics by a wide margin. However, the prior agency was making more money off the co-registrations and cost-per-click tactics, so they skewed the campaign in that direction.
  • Site/Content Analysis: Every metric used by the previous agency was de-constructed to determine a pattern of performance for future campaign metrics. Many sites proved to be ineffective against most of the business goals.

Strategic Media Recommendation

The structure of the entire campaign was re-built as follows:

  • Co-registration and cost-per-click programs were dropped entirely. These efforts were driving clicks but resulted in lackluster conversions.
  • Execute rich media banner ads, allowing for text and brand graphics within the banner to drive registrations/conversions.
  • Align media selection with the content that Women age 50-plus consumed most.
  • Launch the campaign testing ten buying filters, which were then rapidly narrowed down to the top five most responsive behavioral and roster profiling variables to drive performance.

Did the Recommendations Pay Off?

This campaign “test” drove efficiencies that had never been realized previously, allowing the media mix to be reallocated between offline and online, optimizing the overall advertising program. The numbers tell the story.

  • Cost per lead decreased by 350 percent
  • Leads increased by 186 percent
  • T1 Media determined the value of all marketing elements so that the client could optimize offline and online components to drive revenue
  • It was found that online was driving 4 times the product trial conversion vs offline media